Saturday, June 21, 2008

Loncar has offers from Lokomotiv and Unics

Kresimir Loncar has offers from Lokomotiv and Unics according to an interview he gave to In that interview he said that he liked the level of basketball that was played when he was a player of Kiyv in Ukraine and that he likes it in Lokomotiv Rostov.

When asked about the next step in his career he said that he has offers from Rostov and Kazan but he at the moment he hasn't decided what to do. He said that he would like to play in the Euroleague but not for a team like Bamberg tand not for Cibona who couldn't afford his contract when they had contacts 2 years ago.

He averaged 13.1 points 6.2 rebounds in 16 games in Rostov for the Superleague.
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