Sunday, June 29, 2008

Acker leaving, three new transfers for Barca

According to Alex Acker might soon be leaving Barcelona who has already released Marconato and Sanchez. Only four players so far have secured their place in the roster and they are Grimau, Trias, Vasquez and Kasun. Alex Acker did not produce the performance everyone was expecting and it seems unlikely that Barcelona will be renewing his contract.

He averaged 6.7 points 1.7 rebounds and 1 assists in 30 games in the regular season.

On the other hand there are 3 transfers that are rumored to be concluded very soon according to the article. They are Victor Sada from Girona, Lupos Barton from DKV and of course the highly anticipated transfer of Terrell McIntyre from Siena.

There is also the matter of releasing Jaka Lakovic and his 1.3 million euros contract that Barcelona wants to get rid of.
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