Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Paok in a mess but announces Mulaomerovic

A tactical move by Paok, is the announcement of Damir Mulaomerovic via their official website.

Paok didn't sack coach Pedoulakis after all but the damage to the image of the team is undeniable. Paok started the season with a brand new team that featured virtually no players from the previous season. Rumors regarding the replacement of coach Pedoulakis have been circulating for weeks. The reason behind that is the bad reputation that followed Dimitris Drosos when coach Koronios resigned from AEK under the pressure of Drosos who was the president of AEK last season.

Although the intention was to sack coach Pedoulakis after the intervention of the general and technical managers of the team it was decided to keep him as this was deemed to be a very hasty move indeed.

Mulaomerovic comes now in an attempt to reforge the shattered faith of the fans. Certainly this doesn't look very good for a president that changed 3 teams in 3 years..

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