Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bosna signed Miljan Rakic

Bosna signed 22-year old prospect Miljan Rakic(1.95-SG) and he will be Bosna's latest addition with the blessings of coach Vukoicic. Rakic started the season playing for Hemofarm and later on moved to Masinac.

Vukoicic won the gold medal in 2006 in the U-20 European Championship with the U-20 National Team of Serbia and Rakic as one of his players. »It was Vukoicic's suggestion to sign the young Serbian guard,« said the Bosna director Admir Bukva.

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Davorin said...

this could be a good idea for Bosna, miljan rakic is still a very promising young player and he will get to work with a familiar coach