Thursday, December 18, 2008

The end of the road for Tomasevic

Dejan Tomasevic(2.08-C) is rumored to end his basketball career, albeit in an unfitting fashion, this weekend playing his last game as a player of Paok. One of the most experienced and decorated european centers will be playing his last basketball game as a player of Paok and perhaps as a player altogether. The rumors about Tomasevic have been going back and forth ever since the Greek A1 league started and this might actually be the swansong of Tomasevic.

Tomasevic has agreed with the administration of Paok to take his earnings until now and not claim the rest of his contract. Possible candidates seem to be Ryan Stack(2.11-PF/C) or Martin Rancik(2.05-PF) who might be leaving Estudiantes after all.

On a sidenote K'Zell Wesson and Dimitris Marmarinos had a fight during practice and so they were disqualified from the team's roster in the this weekend's game against Panathinaikos in Athens. Both players are expected to pay a fine.
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