Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rumors about Trifunovic and Greece

According to greek site and their blogger who calls himself the spy, Aleksandar Trifunovic seems to be a target of the Greek Federation to take up the position of head coach. The article talks about a possible 2-year contract with Trifunovic and that there have already been discussions between the Federation and Trifunovic.

Trifunovic is currently the head coach of Panionios that participates in the Euroleague with a 3-4 record and he's got a 4-5 record and last season he coached Lietuvos Rytas. This seems to be an unlikely name to take up the head coach position for Greece and he doesn't have the caliber of other names like Messina or Hernandez that have been recently implicated in other rumors nor does he have any experience coaching National Teams, hence it is quoted as a rumor.
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