Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All they want for xmas is Macas..?

Once upon a time he was called the Lucky Luke of basketball.. he could shoot faster than his own shadow. Arvydas Macijauskas has always been a charismatic scorer, from his first steps from Neptunas all the way to his 2 seasons with TAU and the unfortunate pass via the magical world of the NBA. Arvydas Macijauskas is rumored to be on the sights of a few (still) wealthy european teams. The lithuanian scorer had a tremendous start with Olympiakos last season but luck wasn't his lady and he's been trying to recover from recurrent back injuries ever since. It seems that the training with his old friend Aleksandar Kosauskas in Sopot has paid-off and Macijauskas seems to be ready to start playing in Europe again. But has he fully recovered?

There will be many teams that will try to sign Macijauskas but his contract comes up to 2.2 million euros per season and there is the matter of Olympiakos that they want to break the contract but Macijauskas wants to be paid for the full amount of the contract, that expires at the end of the 2009-2010 season. Hence it is difficult(albeit not impossible) for Macijauskas to move to another team given the size of the amounts that are implicated.. Rumours from Italy came from Gazzetta Dello Sport that said that Roma wants to waive Allan Ray and replace him with Macijauskas.

Nothing is official and given the global economic crisis and the sheer size of Macijauskas' contract it's hard to say whether any team at all will sign him and perhaps there are rumours out there just for the sake of being out there..

Time will tell..
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