Monday, December 22, 2008

Uncertainty in Paok

Recent developments in Paok have left the team currently without a president to govern over them. The vice-president of the team does not want the responsibility of becoming president and it is unclear whether Dimitris Drossos will cover any of the debts to former players that he promised he would when he took over.

At the moment he is owner of 90% of the shares of the team but he is not the president of the team as he announced that he is stepping down due to health reasons, although there haven't been details as of yet as to what exactly is his condition.

This is the 3rd team in 3 years that Drossos is leaving and this time he decided to leave before reaching halfway through the season. He also left some debts hanging when he left AEK that subsequently led to problems with AEK's transfers and generally their participation in the league. There is rumored to be an amount of 700.000-800.000 euros that needs to be paid before the end of year by Drossos and now players and agents are not sure whether they will get their money. It certainly will be an exciting week for Paok.. not..
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