Friday, November 20, 2009

Nikoloz Tskitishvili bailed out!

Nikoloz Tskitishvili(2.10-PF/C) bailed out on the people of Panionios and he is probably heading to Spain!

According to greekbball.blogspot.comNikoloz Tskitishvili disappeared and the people of Panionios cannot locate him. He hasn't spoken to anyone since Thursday and he is not in the flat that the team of Panionios rented for him.The Georgian forward/center is rumored to have taken a cheque with him but the amount hasn't been made known yet.

According to another source, namely, Tskitishvili is heading to Spain and Fuenlabrada and they're saying that he took with him a cheque for 13,000 euros which is the first instalment to his contract. this would be the contract that he signed with Panionios until the end of the season. The article says that he has agreed terms with Fuenlabrada and he will be signing a contract with them. He played for Fuenlabrada last season.

Another update comes from, and it says that Tskitishvili told the people of Panionios that he didn't want to take part in the game that the team is playing this Saturday for the Greek A1 league but he didn't give them any further details. The administration of Panionios are holding the player's agent responsible and they will take up the matter with FIBA.

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