Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dimitrios Verginis close to Panathinaikos

Dimitrios Verginis (1.91 PG) the talented greek combo guard is rumored to have agreed on a 3-year contract with Panathinaikos according to and according to further rumors he will sign his new contract upon return from the Treviso Reebok Camp. By the looks of it Sani Becirovic will not continue his career in Panathinaikos due to having problems cooperating with Obradovic and Verginis will most probably taking his place.

Thus Panathinaikos is investing in new talented atheletes and adding another gifted guard to his peripheral line. The buy-out in Verginis' contract with Paok seems to be quite small (circa 80.000 euros) while the team still owes money to the player for last year's contract due to bad management.
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