Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vujcic in the center of attention of Europe

Nikola Vujcic might be one of the most sought after centers in european basketball. Earlier today israeli website stated that Nikola Vujcic has agreed to continue his career in Olympiakos. But that might not be the case entirely.

According to greek website Nikola Vujcic's agent said that there are quite a few teams that are interested in the croatian center, namely Panathinaikos, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Vujcic himself said that he still hasn't made his decision but he did admit that they have had advanced negotiations with Olympiakos. According to Olympiakos is offering him 1.6 million euros per year for a 2-year contract.

Vujcic said that he wants to weigh all the options and that he will make the decision when the time is right. The fans of Olympiakos have expressed their concerns is Vujcic is the right player for their team and if his injuries will follow him in the long-term. It will certainly be a hot summer for transfer news.
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