Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DKV is looking for a replacement forward

According to Badalona is looking for a replacement for the injured Pops Mensa-Bonsu(2.05-PF)who went to the States to get his shoulder examined. The injury might keep Bonsu out for a while. There is a possibilty that Bonsu will have to undergo surgery which means that he will lose even more playing time.

The article speaks of Gerome Moiso(2.11-PF/C) as a possible replacement. Moiso plays for Khmiky at the moment but averages close to 10 minutes per game which apparently doesn't make him very happy and his high contract(1 million euros) makes it a difficult case. Another difficult case is Charles Gaines(2.01-PF) who is also a free agent.

Bonsu has been the best player of Badalona so far so there is an understandable urgency to replace him..
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