Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giannakis out, Messina in?

George Vassilakopoulos, President of FIBA Europe, made some comments regarding the end of the cooperation of the Greek Federation with coach Giannakis. Vassilakopoulos gave an interview to the Ethnos newspaper saying that coach Giannakis is no longer to be considered the head coach of the Greek National Team and that there are efforts to find his replacement. He also said that he wants to maintain the "greek model" of basketball in the team and that he didn't dismiss the possibility of the new head coach being non-Greek. He also said that he is against the possibility of a "closed" Euroleague with permanent contracts and the matter is going to court and it will end up in a fight between Eduardo Portela and Jordi Bertomeu.

Having said that the coach is not necessarily Greek, the media in Greece have gone crazy about another rumor that sees Ettore Messina as the new coach of the Greek National Team. Messina's contract with CSKA runs out at the end of this season and the summer is going to be hot until he decides what his next team is going to be.

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