Monday, December 1, 2008

Olympiakos are fuelling the fire

Olympiakos made an announcement via their official website that can potentially ignite the fuse of a bomb capable of disrupting the Greek A1 league.

Olympiakos lost to Panathinaikos 86-69 on November 23rd and during that game the crowd of Panathinaikos launched fireworks against the players of Olympiakos and ironically enough they even managed to hit coach Obradovic, that tried to protect his opponents by getting in front of them. For this unsportsmanlike behaviour the sports judge punished Panathinaikos, so they have to play 2 games without their crowd among the monetary fines.

Panathinaikos as per usual has appealed against that decision and are requesting that the fine of 2 games be converted to monetary fines only. Hence Olympiakos have appealed against the decision as well, but they are requesting for the fine to be converted to 6 games without a crowd due to the severity of the offenses. This decision by Olympiakos can potentially cause even more trouble in the long run. Given the long running rivalry between the 2 athenian teams there can be a serious brawl next time the 2 teams face off in pretty much any team sport..

The president of Panathinaikos on the other hand, Pavlos Giannakopoulos, said that he is not worried and that this is only a trick of Olympiakos since they are in disadvantageous position. He said that in time they will get over it..

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