Friday, June 13, 2008

Aris is after Christos Harissis

Aris Thessaloniki want this year again Christos Harissis (1.91-PG) in their roster. The greek PG played this year in Prokom Trefl but did not do as well as expected.

With a contract of 400.000 euros per year Prokom Trefl had high hopes by signing Travis Best, Milan Gurovic, Thomas Van Der Spiegel among others. Unfortunately for Prokom the year didn't turn out as well as they expected. Quite a few players didn't make it until the end of the season and head coach Kijewski was replaced by coach Pacesas and that was the end of the road for Harissis in the polish team.

At the moment Harissis has been released from Prokom and is a free agent. According to Harissis has received an offer from Aris that is below the 200.000 euros per year mark. The agent of Harissis is not so hot on this offer and would like the offer to be bumped up at least to 200.000 euros per year. That might seem unlikey though with Aris having lost all the income of the euroleague participation might be reluctant to spend that amount of money for Keydren Clark's backup.
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