Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tau Ceramica is investing in young talents

According to Tau Ceramica has set sights on youngster Nicolo Melli. The spanish champion is all about investing in young talent as Josean Querejeta recently stated in a press conference. 2 players that were on loan this year from Tau, Goran Dragic(Olimpia) and Stanko Barac (Pamesa Valencia) have returned back to base and they will be probably be in next year's roster.

Now Tau wants Nicolo Melli, the 17-year old 2.04 forward that has been playing for Reggio Emilia in the LegaA2 italian league. The youngster is rumored to be the greatest upcoming talent from Italy and Tau wants to get in on the action before some other team gets him. Tau is also trying to sign another youngster with a great future ahead, the 17-year old argentinian Matias Nocedal.
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