Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zoran Savic wants Basile in Fortitudo and talks about his plans.

According to italian site Zoran Savic stated that if Barcelona releases Gianluca Basile then he will come to play for him in Fortitudo. Savic said that he considers Basile to be the 2nd best defensive guard in europe after Dimitris Diamantidis. He said though that is unlikely to happen as Basile makes lots of people happy in Barcelona so they won't easily let him go.

The new GM of Fortitudo said that he prefers to get good value american players instead of searching for EU players. When asked if he wants Dusan Sakota of Panathinaikos he said not at the moment. He also said that he is uncertain about the future of Nelson Spencer due to his injuries.

Zoran Savic is expected to release the contracts of Andrea Mazzon who has agreed to a 2-year contract with Aris and Sharon Drucker who actually has a 3-year contract with Fortitudo although he never coached the team. Zoran Savic will have his hands full within the next few days.
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