Friday, June 13, 2008

Yotam Halperin is leaving Maccabi

According to israeli websites Yotam Halperin will be leaving Maccabi this summer although his contract is valid for another year. Yotam Halperin and his agent met with Simon Mizrahi and expressed the player's wish to continue his career in a different team. Both and mention that more than one teams have approached Maccabi to obtain the israeli combo guard.

Presiden Mizrahi said that he hasn't made his decision yet about releasing the player but his wish is to leave Maccabi. The strongest candidate for Halperin's next team seems to be Olympiakos the runner up of the greek league in which coach Yannakis has already started the planning for next season's roster. Olympiakos have already agreed with Zoran Erceg and Michalis Pelekanos but they are not the only team who are interested in Halperin, Efes Pilsen is also interested in the israeli guard.

Yotam Halpein averaged 11.1 points and 3.4 assists in the israeli league and 10.2 points and 4 assists in the regular season of the Euroleague
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