Monday, November 10, 2008

Maroussi after Joseph Forte

According to greek media Maroussi is after Joseph Forte(1.90-PG/SG) who was waived by Fortitudo earlier this season. Forte has played in Greece before for Apollon Patron and later on moved to Sienna where he had a very good season and from then on to Unics Kazan and Fortitudo as of late.

He averaged 24.5 points in the 2 games that he played for Fortitudo. Maroussi is also looking for a replacement for Nikolay Padius who's yet to be named. The reason for that might be that there will be no replacement for him. By replacing one of their import players and Padius they will be able to afford Forte's contract who had signed for 400.000 euros per year in Fortitudo for a 2 year contract.
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