Friday, July 10, 2009

Malaga made offer for Ricky Rubio

Malaga seems to be in the game for Ricky Rubio according to spanish portal The offer that Malaga made is for a 3 seasons contract offering 1.1 million euros per season to Rubio. On the other hand Real Madrid are offering a 2 season contract but the player would be free to play in the NBA at the end of the contract.

The proceedings are stuck at the moment because Rubio and his lawyers are suing Badalona for the high buy-out clause in Rubio's contract that is not proportionate to the salary. Hence all negotiations have come to a standstill. It is uncertain what would Rubio do. In Malaga he gets to play again for Aito Reneses, the man who promoted him to the first team of Badalona but Real are offering a smaller contract which would help if he wanted to leave for the NBA. Marcelinho Huertas is rumored to be Malaga's alternative.

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