Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nesterovic returns to Toronto?

After a franchise-altering move left him with money to spend and backup roles to fill, Raptors boss Bryan Colangelo will be looking for a few good men. There's an old friend in Slovenia who'd love to be considered.

Rasho Nesterovic, a veteran centre very much on the mind of the Raptors now, would like nothing more than to rejoin the team he reluctantly left a year ago. "I never wanted to leave, it was just a matter of numbers and business, I understand that," Nesterovic said in a telephone interview from his native Slovenia yesterday. "To come back would be great, I'd love to. Toronto is always and will always be my favourite city."

Colangelo has spoken glowingly about Nesterovic's presence – on the court in a backup role and as a leader in the locker room – and there is interest in bringing him back as long as the financial terms can be worked out.

Nesterovic, 33, spent last season with the Indiana Pacers (averaging 6.8 points and 3.4 rebounds per game) after being dealt from Toronto in the Jermaine O'Neal-T.J. Ford deal. He knows a role here would be as a backup and he's fine with that; he also knows there will be no rush to get things done. "I know the first week (of free agency) is to get the stars done and the big names," he said. "I can wait."

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agopist said...

Toronto will be a European team

Unknown said...

They actually are! They are the best Euroleague team in a sense.. its like the pilot episode.. ;)