Saturday, July 18, 2009

Olympiakos announced Thomas Kelati

Olympiakos announced the signing of american guard/forward Thomas Kelati(1.95-SG/SF) via their official website. This might come as a surprising move from the greek team as Kelati(of Eritrean origin) is not the player people had in mind when the names of McIntyre or Robinson were parading throughout the media. On the other hand Kelati can cover both 2 and 3 positions, can play defense and can also shoot very effectively behind the arc, averaging 39.4% in his last Euroleague season playing for Malaga. The contract with Kelati is for 2 seasons.

Kelati, who was replaced by Taquan Dean in Malaga, graduated in 2005 from Washington State and then moved on to Belgium to play for Dexia Mons as his first pro contract. He then had 2 great seasons with Turow in Poland that got him noticed and signed with Malaga that he played for in this past season. He averaged 11.8 points 1.9 rebounds 1.3 assists and 1.3 steals in 16 games with Malaga. Kelati's fiance is polish and when they are married he can apply for the polish nationality. That will give him Bosman status in Europe and will also allow him to play for the National Team of Poland.


Pirrimarzon said...

This is a great team player, whom we wanted for Cajasol in Sevilla. Great deal for both parts.

Any news about Robinson or Lee??


Unknown said...

Not much on greek media. Mixed reactions from the fans of Olympiakos. Some do realise that he is a great team player, the ones that don't know much about basketball are a bit depressed cuz they were waiting for a bigger name.

Tiffany and Patrick's Blog said...

Olympiakos is getting a great team player. I really enjoyed watching Thomas play in college. Good sounds player. Not flashy like Nate Robinson, but will do more to help the team. AKA he is a more complete contributor.

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