Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nate the Greek?

Apparently Olympiakos is targeting Nate Robinson with a boatload of cash. As they did a season ago with Josh Childress, the Greek team is hoping to sign Robinson as another ticket-seller, who would easily be a bigger star there.

According to the story Olympiakos may also consider a run at Ramon Sessions, who is a restricted free agent with the Bucks.

European teams can sign restricted free agents from the NBA with no compensation. But the NBA team does maintain the player's rights.

The Knicks might actually have no problem with Robinson taking the Greek offer, mainly because not have to pay him and still could use him as a trade asset. Coincidentally, Robinson has been in Europe making appearances at basketball camps. He is an immensely-popular NBA player who might be the type to strike it rich in Europe as a fan attraction. But he is also the type that would likely prefer to remain in the NBA.

Money, of course, does talk.

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