Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oleson involved in a trade scenario

Brad Oleson(1.91-SG) seems to be stuck between the rock and the hard place according to The native of Alaska who is getting a spanish passport in September seems to be stuck in a trade scenario that involves him and Pablo Prigioni of Tau. The article of La Marca says that the agent of the player was told to wait for a call from Tau. Oleson was not aware of what was happening. The arrival of Ettore Messina in Real Madrid has changed the plans for the roster of next season and Brad Oleson is not part of the plan that Messina has in mind.

Oleson declined offers from the likes of Maccabi, Tau and Malaga in order to play for Real and it would be understandable if he wasn't too happy about this prospect. On the other hand one might say that it's not that bad really as it sounds as he would be playing for Tau but the moral issue of the story is that it puts the player into an ackward situation. Oleson had signed a 5 season contract with Madrid coming from Fuenlabrada. Oleson averaged 18 points 2.2 rebounds 2.5 assists in 32 games for Fuenlabrada.

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