Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nate Robinson offered to Olympiakos

According to and journalist Tasos Magoulas, Nate Robinson(1.75-PG) has been offered to Olympiakos despite his existing contract with the New York Knicks. Being a restricted free agent he could forego the last season of his contract that should get him 2.2 million dollars for a possibly larger contract if he were to sign with Olympiakos.

The Knicks have expressed their wish to renew his contract but at this stage it's anyone's game to say whether Robinson will stay in New York or move to Athens. Robinson had a great season with the Knicks averaging 17.2 points 3.9 rebounds and 4.2 assists in 74 games with the Knicks this past season.


ben said...

Take him please. He is a great player but the Knicks need winners and Nate Robinson is to egotistical to ever be part of a team that will win a championship.

Nate Robinson has some games where he looks like the best player in the NBA and other games where he is missing shots and crying like a baby. Not a good teammate, he will thrive in Europe.

FiyahDave said...

agreed...SEE YA!