Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Childress broke his contract with Olympiakos

The biggest contract in Europe is no more..

Josh Childress decided to accept the offer from the Phoenix Suns so he let the administration of Olympiakos know that he will break out of his contract with them and head back to the NBA. Childress had one more season in his contract that would pay him 7 million dollars but instead he decided to return to the NBA. This development is precisely what they wanted in Olympiakos.

With the new tax laws in Greece and the new contract of Vassilis Spanoulis the salaries of the players of Olympiakos would skyrocket. Now with Kleiza and Childress leaving the players budget of Olympiakos will decrease significantly and make room for other players. Olympiakos are now looking for a replacement for Josh Childress for the small forward position. The leading candidate seems to be Romain Sato.

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