Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fenerbahce are close to Darjus Lavrinovic

Fenerbahce could land one of the best players of Real Madrid of last season.

According to, Fenerbahce are targetting Lithuanian forward/center Darjus Lavrinovic(2.12-PF/C) that was released by Real Madrid. One might wonder why would Messina release one of his best big-men of last season. Semih  Erden(2.13-C) and Omer Asik(2.13-C) are heading to the NBA for the next season so Fenerbahce need more people to cover the paint.

Lavrinovic had a great season with Real Madrid but his roles was diminished with the arrival of Ante Tomic(2.12-C). He averaged 11.1 points and 4.5 rebounds in 20 games in the Euroleague for Real Madrid and also 9.5 points and 4.2 rebounds in 42 games in the ACB. Lavrinovic has also been a long standing member of the Lithuanian National Team.

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