Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vouyoukas waiting on Panathinaikos

He won't be waiting forever though.

Ian Vouyoukas(2.11-C) is waiting for an offer from Panathinaikos according to information from our good friends at Greek Hoopz. Panathinaikos are currently in the middle of negotiations with Drew Nicholas(1.93-SG)(that have been concluded) and Mike Batiste(2.04-PF/C) so the matter of Ian Vouyoukas has come to a halt for a while.

Vouyoukas is one of most underrated Greek players and another good season for him earned him an offer from Maccabi TA. Olympiakos didn't even bother to offer a renewal of the contract so Vouyoukas is quite happy to leave a team that never really paid any attention to him. Obviously Vouyoukas would like to stay in Greece if possible so he will wait for an official offer to come from Panathinaikos before he gives his final decision to Maccabi. He won't wait forever though.We're not aware of an offer from Malaga but you never know..

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