Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kleiza wants a contract extension

He doesn't mind the fireworks it seems.

Linas Kleiza(2.04-SF/PF) seems to be content in Athens, or actually he is quite happy there. The money is good, the playing time is good, the league is good, so no problemo. Kleiza's agent Bill Duffy mentioned in the past that Kleiza wouldn't mind staying for another season with Olympiakos. One his associates, Rade Filipovich, spoke to Greek newspaper Goal, and he said that the Lithuanian star wouldn't mind signing a contract extension with Olympiakos.

He also said that they are also looking at offers from the NBA and that his client would weigh all the options and go for the best deal. Kleiza was the top scorer of the Euroleague throughout the whole season averaging 17.1 points per game. But it all depends on whether, Dusan Ivkovic would like him to stay past his current contract.

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