Friday, July 2, 2010

Childress to stay in Olympiakos for a 3rd season

Now they're turning it around..

According to, Josh Childress is now very likely to stay in Olympiakos for another season, unless something seriously unexpected happens. The Greek portal that is affiliated to Olympiakos makes mention of information about Childress not having another offer from any NBA teams.

The article speaks with relative certainty that Josh Childress will be staying in Greece for the next season and that Childress might even let Olympiakos know today or tomorrow about his intentions. In Olympiakos they were hoping to be relieved of his contract in order to sign some other players but they would end up paying him around 60% of the contract to release him. In which case, he might as well stay and play.

Dusan Ivkovic will be waiting to hear what Sofoklis Schortsanitis and Linas Kleiza want to do before making any transfer plans.

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