Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elias Zouros could leave Panellinios

These are difficult times for everyone in Greece.

According to the greek media, Elias Zouros is likely to depart from Panellinios. The Greek head coach led Panellinios to the Final Four of the Eurocup, although the team actually started in the Qualifying rounds. Zouros has been with Panellinios for the past 2.5 seasons and has made a team that played good basketball and had a decent run in Greece and the Eurocup.

The team of Panellinios will be significantly reducing their players' budget for next season as the team's owner, Cypriot tycoon Minos Kyriakou, is reluctant to inject any more money into the team. If Zouros and the team fall out regarding the players' budget he could be looking for a new team. Zouros was named Eurocup 2010 Coach of the Year.

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