Monday, July 5, 2010

Pekovic out, Maric in?

Out with Montenegrin, in with the Australian?

Nikola Pekovic(2.11-C) made it clear that he wants to move to the NBA and to become a part of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Pekovic spoke to on Friday and said that he is leaving Panathinaikos to join Minnesota and that he couldn't resist the offer etc.

The funny thing is that all of the Greek sports websites discovered this today and that started a chain reaction that spread the news like wildfire. But it's only 3 days old. Could be worse I guess..

On another issue, Nikola Pekovic's transition to the magic world of the NBA might bring Aleks Maric(2.11-C) closer to Panathinaikos according to the latest rumors. This can be accomplished relatively easily for Panathinaikos. Pekovic's contract would amount to 1.8 million euros and according to the old tax system in Greece it would cost Panathinaikos roughly 2.2 million euros as they would also pay the taxes to the Greek State.

Now if Pekovic moves to the NBA, Panathinaikos would get one way or the other 1 million dollars because of the clause in the contract. This translates loosely to 800,000 euros and that is the biggest portion of the 1 million euros buy-out that Partizan would want for Maric. If Maric were to get a 1 million euros contract, according to new tax system in Greece it would cost Panathinaikos 1.8 million euros in total.

So in other words it's not a far fetched scenario. More on this in the days to follow..

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