Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pedoulakis returns to Peristeri for 3 seasons

It took a while but he is finally here.

Argiris Pedoulakis returned to the team that he loved as a played and also the best moments of his career as a coach. The administration of Peristeri handed over the keys of the club to Pedoulakis who signed a 3-season agreement with them. It was announced earlier today via the official website of Peristeri.

Pedoulakis was going to return last season but then the administration had already booked Athanasios Skourtopoulos to take over the head coach of the club and he didn't do bad. Peristeri easily avoided relegation and they almost made it into the play-offs. Pedoulakis comes as a messiah to Peristeri to unite the team amidst intense internal strife and keep them in the A1 league for many seasons to come.

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