Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toronto interested in Childress and Kleiza?

Doug Smith of the Toronto Star gives his verdict on whether the Toronto Raptors are interested in the 2 forwards of Olympiakos.

Of course you know there’d be a couple of guys who’d slip my mind when I was talking about the mid-level exception and the guy I was told the Raptors are thinking about making an offer to.

Now, I again caution nothing is done until it’s done and these are talks that are progressing. But a couple of guys sidled up to me Monday, and, even though I like sidlers about as much as Elaine Benes, I had to listen.

And they dropped three more on me:

Travis Outlaw, Linas Kleiza and Josh Childress. Nothing more than names to put on the list because no one connected with the Raptors is about to divulge anything specific at the moment.

Kleiza’s the interesting one to me because there was interest in him a year ago before the Raptors made all their moves and he headed off to Europe.

He’s a restricted free agent but he could very well be the guy you should be debating.

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