Sunday, July 11, 2010

Olympiakos announced Vassilis Spanoulis.. finally

Thank goodness..(it's over)

Olympiakos got half the job done by signing Dusan Ivkovic and announcing Vassilis Spanoulis. The deal is for 3 seasons and it was announced via their official website.

As I said that was half the job done now they have to finish the job otherwise they will end up as one of the least successful teams in Europe given the money they spend on players and coaches. By signing Dusan Ivkovic they have acquired a coach of the ex-Yugoslavian basketball school and one much more "compatible" to Obradovic. Also by acquiring Spanoulis, they deny Panathinaikos of one of their most powerful weapons and they add it to their arsenal. Let's not forget how Spanoulis led the comeback of Panathinaikos in the 3rd final of the Greek play-offs just by sheer desire and drive.

Spanoulis is probably the most talked about transfer of a player from Panathinaikos to Olympiakos. The two teams rarely cross paths in their transfer targets but this has the potential to become the most memorable one.

ps. I'd like to make it clear here that I'm not a fan of Olympiakos, in case it got misunderstood in my opening statement.. thanks!

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