Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bouroussis implicated in doping scandal, Olympiacos to release him

Mr Makis, just so you know I've ran out of the medicine!

What follows is my best attempt at a translation. It's a translation of the original transcript of a conversation that  was held between Giannis Bouroussis(2.10-C) of Olympiacos and former president of Kavala FC, Makis Psomiadis. The latter was arrested recently during the unfolding of the biggest Greek sports betting scandal so far. Let's note here that Bouroussis is engaged to Psomiadis' daughter, which explains the familiarity between them. It was published by and goes as follows:

Bouroussis : Good morning mr Makis, how are you?
Psomiadis : Good morning, congratulations to you my boy, know what I mean?
Bouroussis : Thank you very much.
Psomiadis : My guys have the same thing as you, they can't sleep.
Bouroussis : Yes mr Makis, well, I haven't slept at all.
Psomiadis : The same thing happens to others and my guys as well. They can't sleep.
Bouroussis : Does it happen that much mr Makis?
Psomiadis : The more they play, the more it happens. Let me tell you, yesterday they were watching, we were watching it with mr Mantzourakis, the general manager, at the Sofitel hotel. Do you know what they all said? "the only guy that plays with a heart is Bouroussis and he is prepared to kick their asses!". They didn't know anything though..(laughing)
Bouroussis : Oh.. so they don't know, they have..(indistiguishable)..(laughing)
Psomiadis : Everyone else was lagging a move behind you, know what I mean? Both from Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. Just so you know, you were playing once.. no.. twice as hard as them. During a moment there you slammed that dunk, it was at the last 2 minutes, the Aggelopouloi brothers jumped up and cheered; they were live on TV.
Bouroussis : The idiots(Aggelopouloi) came down to talk to me but I just played dumb and I left. Mr Makis, just so you know I've ran out of the medicine!
Psomiadis : Don't worry son, I'll get ya some. When do you need some more?
Bouroussis : Eh.. I need some for the finals.
Psomiadis : When about is it my boy?
Bouroussis : Mid May.
Psomiadis : It's alright son, don't get all crazy. I'll have it ready for you, know what I mean?Alright, you'll have some by then my boy.
Bouroussis : Alright mr Makis. Are you off to Kavala or are we going to see you before that?
Psomiadis : Nah, I'll come over in the evening and over to you guys and I won't go to the stadium. I won't make 'em the honour, those scumbags. The day after tomorrow I'm probably going back to Kavala for 1-2 days, to go and pay 'em, know what I mean?
Bouroussis : Alright then, we'll talk again.
Psomiadis : Okay my boy, congratulations my lad!

Obviously as you can understand Giannis Bouroussis(former heartthrob, NBA prospect and pillar of Olympiacos among other things) is between the rock and the hard place and his future in Olympiacos looks ominous to say the least. There is an exit clause for Olympiacos in Bouroussis' contract that allows the team to break the contract by paying him 200,000 euros. One might say this is very acceptable collateral damage for Olympiacos.

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So there's both doping and fixing games involved? Oh my...