Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CSKA announced Evgeny Voronov

Evgeny Voronov has become a CSKA player

Guard Evgeny Voronov (25 years, 194 cm) signed 1+1 contract with our club today. The Russian National Team player spent the previous season in Dynamo Moscow.

Voronov’s career went through its longest stint in Lokomotiv (2002-06). After that the guard played for Dynamo St. Petersburg (2006-07), CSK VVS Samara (2007-08), UNICS (2008-09), Krasnye Krylia (2009-10) and Dynamo Moscow (2010-11). He won the U20 European Championship in 2005 and made his debut for the Russian National Team during the World Championship last year. Voronov averaged 12.8 points, 3.8 rebounds, 2.8 assists in 29.8 minutes last season.

Jonas Kazlauskas, CSKA head coach:
To create the team’s chemistry we need not only the leaders and their backups but deep reserves also. They should create competition, work on practices, improve and be ready to step up maintaining the team picture. I think Voronov is exactly this kind of player. He is young enough, determined to improve, defends well, aggressive and ready to work hard. Evgeny started to play for the National Team recently, showed the good level of play, had good season last year. We will observe his improvement and possibly he will become a CSKA leader one day.

Evgeny Voronov:
When Andrey Vatutin told me about CSKA’s interest I did not believe at once. When the best club in the country is interested, when its managers and coaches are interested, it feels great. I am happy, full of emotions. I am ready to face the critics who will question my decision because of the decrease of playing time. But I still think that you can have a chance like this only once in a lifetime. I’d like to test myself on top-level, to prove the coaches and fans that there were no mistake in choosing me. I understand that CSKA is a winner-team; that the goals are high and the result depends on collective work not the efforts of one individual.

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