Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chuck Eidson waiting for an offer from Panathinaikos

Highest bidder wins?

According to, Chuck Eidson(2.02-SG/SF) is waiting for an offer from Panathinaikos before he makes up his mind. It seems that Eidson has offer from quite a few teams including Unics Kazan that offered him 4.5 million euros for 3 seasons and Barcelona who offered close to 3 million euros for 2 seasons.

But it seems that Eidson is waiting to see if Panathinaikos will be making him an offer as Eidson is on the top of the list of players that Obradovic wants to sign. This is all well and good however the situation is still uncertain in Panathinaikos and should the owners of the team leave noone knows who's going to pay for the current contracts, let alone signing another expensive player like Eidson. There is also another factor here according to the article and that is the player's wife, who'd rather move to a warmer climate instead of the mountains of Kazan..

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Anonymous said...

So i'm guessing that one of Perporoglou or Sato are leaving???

Peter said...

Is the one of Perporogloue or Sato now leaving the club?