Friday, June 10, 2011

Papaloukas has offers from Barcelona and Fenerbahce

Like he wouldn't..

According to, Theo Papaloukas(2.00-PG) has offers from Barcelona and Fenerbahce now that he is a free agent. His contract with Olympiacos expires at the end of this month and he will be able to sign for a new team. The article says that according the their information Papaloukas has a 2-season offer contract from Barcelona but makes no mention of the duration of the offer from Fenerbahce.

It does say though that the offer from Fenerbahce is substantially bigger but Papaloukas seems to be more inclinded to play for Barcelona in the ACB at the twilight of his career. It seems even more likely now that he will not be playing for Olympiacos next season.

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