Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mike Brown could have Messina in Lakers

And why not?

Ettore Messina could be the newest addition to the coaching staff of the LA Lakers according to their new head coach Mike Brown. He spoke to Gazzetta Dello Sport and said that he'd like to have Ettore Messina with him. The news would have been finalised on Thursday according to Brown's statements on Tuesday but still nothing has been made known about it.

Messina stepped down as head coach of Real Madrid earlier this season citing differences with the attitude of certain players and so he took the fall for the team in a way. Others said it was a tactical move and he never really left giving instructions via his assistant who stayed on.. who knows really? If Messina makes the next step in his career towards the other side of the Atlantic, it will immediately put an end to many rumors lurking in the shadows about him moving back to Italy among other things.

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