Monday, June 27, 2011

Raznatovic gave Olympiacos a deadline to pay up

Show me the money!

According to, the players of Olympiacos have still 4.5 instalments of their contracts to receive. As you can understand this is quite a hefty amount of money for the high earners like Vassilis Spanoulis and they're not very happy about it. It's also rumored that the owners of Olympiacos offered 50% of that amount to settle the debt because they don't feel that their players tried hard enough to beat their arch-rivals.

Spanoulis' agent, Misko Raznatovic however warned the owners of Olympiacos that if they don't pay he put Spanoulis back on the market and it's very likely that another team will grab the opportunity and sign him with a salary similar to what he has now.

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