Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spanoulis trying to persuade Zisis?

Is everyone forgetting the contract?

According to, Vassilis Spanoulis spoke to Nikos Zisis recently in an effort to convince him to join Olympiacos in the next season. The 2 of them are very close friends for a good number of years so it's only reasonable that Spanoulis would have some influence over Zisis but there is one very important detail that seems to put a gigantic block on things.

And that is that Zisis has another season in his contract with Siena. Siena's GM Minucci is reknowned for his strict decisions regarding players bound by contract with Siena. It's very unlikely that he would allow Zisis to leave Siena so that he'll go play for one of their main contenders in the Euroleague. Even if he were to allow Zisis to leave there would be a handsome compensation for Siena and even for Olympiacos these are tought financial times. Although this sounds like a good story, unless there is a minute buy-out clause in Zisis' contract with Siena it seems like a far fetched scenario.

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