Monday, June 20, 2011

CSKA renew Siskauskas and Vorontsevich

He will stay with them forever it seems..

Forward Ramunas Siskauskas (32 years, 198 cm) re-signed with our club for two more years. Lithuanian player defends CSKA colors from the start of 2007-08 season.

Jonas Kazlauskas, CSKA head coach:
I know Ramunas very well, starting from my time with Lithuanian National Team. He played against me when I was coaching Zalgiris, then he played for me for three years in Lietuvos Rytas. He is a very good player, he proved that in several clubs during his career. That’s why he signed with CSKA one day. I believe in him. He played great during last month, but unfortunately missed the finals due to injury. I think Ramunas’ experience, respect he has from the teammates, are the factors our team needs. I am sure he will help us to win.

Ramunas Siskauskas:
I am happy to stay. My family and myself like Moscow, we like the team. Surely I am glad to be needed by CSKA. I will do everything I can to support our winning traditions, I still have enough power left. Everyone wants to play for this club – famous, great, ambitious – and I am no exception to that.

Forward Andrey Vorontsevich (23 years, 207 cm) signed new contract with the club until the end of 2013-14 season. Andrey started playing for CSKA in 2006.

Jonas Kazlauskas, CSKA head coach:
Vorontsevich represents the new generation, and the time has come for him. Andrey started the season slowly, and I was waiting for him to show himself, especially when we had players out with the injuries. But the end of the season was good for him. I remember him for the games played for Russian National Team. He also played several good games in this season’s playoffs, demonstrating the level which we liked, he improved his defense, rebounding, he scored. We believe in his future and we hope he will live up to our expectations.

Andrey Vorontsevich:
I could not imagine better way to continue my career. I am happy and proud to be needed by such a classy team, great club. I feel that the coach, management trust me, I know that I can professionally grow alongside strong and experienced teammates and I promise to work hard to meet all the expectations.

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