Friday, June 10, 2011

Treviso agreed terms with Chrysikopoulos?

He'll need to strut his stuff..

Linos Chrysikopoulos(2.03-SF) has travelled to Treviso for the annual Eurocamp this time sponsored by Adidas. According to this is not the only reason that Chrysikopoulos has travelled there. The article says that he has agreed to play for the team of Treviso next season and this would be a good opportunity for the Italian team to check on him. Chrysikopoulos played in that camp last year as well but now he has to show how much he has progressed the last 12 months.

He is still bound by contract with Aris BC but its a contract that the team unilaterally activated according to the Greek legislation. This is a bit of a grey area here as this type of contract is officially recognised by FIBA
and if the player chooses to terminate the contract there will be a compensation to his team that is relevant to his playing time and also his participation in any National Teams. As it stands at the moment Chrysikopoulos could even file a lawsuit against the contract in the Greek courts as anti-constitutional contract and get it dismissed. Actually he already did that but after some deliberation with the team's administration his agent decided to drop the lawsuit last March. Chrysikopoulos is considered to be one of the best emering Greek talents of his generation but at the age of 18 he still hasn't shown any of that potential. Admittedly playing for a team like Aris it's difficult to secure some playing time but then again that will be the case in a team like Treviso. At the Eurocamp he'll have his chance to dazzle them with his skills or fail trying.

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