Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eidson offered to Olympiacos, Zisis also a target

It's rebuilding time..

According to Olympiacos affiliated site,, Chuck Eidson(2.02-SG/SF) was offered to Olympiacos and his case hasn't been dismissed yet. It will all depend obviously on the kind of money that Eidson will ask but given Ivkovic's player choices in the past Eidson surely fits the bill. Eidson is one of the hottest players of this summer's tranfer season and he has been offered to quite a few teams so it would be too early to say where he will end.

Another player that they want to sign in Olympiacos is Nikos Zisis(1.96-PG/SG). Zisis has been is a long-time friend of Vassilis Spanoulis and he will be a free agent this summer. He will be probably be replacing Theo Papaloukas who is very unlikely to stay in Olympiacos given recent events and his high salary. Zisis is still in the play-offs with Siena in Italy.

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