Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Clippers want to try Big Sofo

According to, the LA Clippers are in talks with greek center Sofoklis Schortsanitis(2.08-C) in order to take part in their summer camp. Schortsanitis was selected by the Clippers in the 2nd round at number 34 overall of the 2003 NBA Draft. Since then they've retained his NBA rights and now they would like to see in what condition he's in.

The greek center impressed the NBA scouts in 2006 in Tokyo by helping the Greece National Team defeat the NBA stars but since then he put on excessive amounts of weight and in combination with bad behaviour led to his expulsion from the team of Olympiakos back in March of this year. It was a long awaited decision by the administration of Olympiakos that gave him ample opportunities the last 2 years that he has not behaving as an athlete would. He returned to the practice a few weeks later in April after having lost significant amounts of weight and having changed his attitude to the point where coach Giannakis is seriously considering reinstating him back to the roster of the team for the greek A1 league's finals. This season he averaged 4.9 points and 1.8 rebounds in 18 games so far.

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