Monday, June 9, 2008

Keydren Clark close to joining Aris

Keydren (Kee-Kee) Clark(1.75 PG) is very close to joining Aris.

According to his statements on a greek website, Keydren Clark said that he would like to play for Aris regardless the fact that the team will not be in this years Euroleague. Keydren Clark has a Bosman passport (Bulgaria) so he does not take up the place of an import player.

Aris was knocked-out of the play-offs early this year by Maroussi. Keydren Clark was the leading scorer of the greek A1 league in 2006-2007 averaging 18.8 pts 3 assists per game. This year he averaged 15.3 pts 1.9 assists in the LegaA1 in Italy.

Keydren Clark is rumored to have agreed on a 2-year deal with Aris for 625.000 dollars. If this goes through it will be first transfer for Aris although noone can say for sure yet as Aris had a debacle in previous year announcing the signing of Rodrick Blackney while he was still tied in contract with Maroussi. Rumors have it that Keydren Clark will be waiting to see if there is a proposition from a Euroleague team in chance of a higher paying contract.

In Aris they are still waiting to hear from Andrea Mazzon who is yet to be released from Fortitudo Bolgna. The arrival of Zoran Savic should speed up the process and once he is released chances are that Andrea Mazzon and Keydren Clark will both be announced by the team as their first transfers of this summer.
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