Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Katsikaris and Rogers sacked from Valencia

In the early stages of each league several teams will not perform to the best of their abilities. This is a well known fact. However the administrations of european teams have other expectations.. That can be attributed to lack of knowledge in the sport of basketball or unrealistic targets to justify changes. Only in very few cases you can be sure as to what is actually going on. In most cases you can only guess unless you have inside information..

The bench of Valencia lacks a captain as Fotis Katsikaris was sacked yesterday by the administration of Pamesa Valencia. Katsikaris was followed by Johnny Rogers who was the general manager of the team. Fotis Katsikaris will be compensated fully for the remainder of the season and he will probably remain in Valencia for the remainder of the season for family reasons.

Interestingly enough, Demos Dikoudis gave an interview to greek site saying that the administration of Valencia had it coming for Katsikaris. He said that they were dubious about his ability to make a competitive team and for that reason they didn't allow him to replace certain players with the pretense of a lower budget.

At the moment there is no telling who could be the next head coach of Valencia.. the list of candidates is long. Media from all around Europe have named Sergio Scario, Neven Spajia as the most likely candidates and let's not forget Pepu Ernandez who was implicated in rumors regarding Real.

Latest news from Spain and say that the strongest candidate at the moment is Sergio Scariolo.

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