Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bosna ASA BHT announced Vlada Vukoicic

KK Bosna ASA BHT announced Vlada Vukoicic as their new head coach via their official web site. Vukoicic left Oostende a few days earlier and it wasn't long enough before he found a new coaching position. He comes in to replace Alen Abbas who resigned last Tuesday after 4 consecutive losses for Bosna.

Vlada Vukoicic is known for his skill in coaching young players and is considered one of the best coach prospects in Europe. A testament to that is the conquest of the Adriatic League with FMP Zeleznik in 2005, the Serbian cup in 2006 with FMP Zeleznik and the Gold Medal in the U-20 European Championship as the head coach of Serbia.
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