Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aris waiting on Massey

One more addition is planned for Aris BC. 

According to, Quinton Day(1.85-PG/SG) and Jeremy Richardon(2.01-SG/SF) will continue as players of Aris and they will not be changed by head coach Fotis Katsikaris. In Aris they have saved one more bosman slot in their roster which is very likely to be filled by Jeremiah Massey(2.02-PF). Corey Belser's(1.98-SG/SF) contract has already expired and will not probably be renewed as Aris signed Aaron Miles(1.85-PG) in his place. Belser is still practicing with Aris but he is currently looking for another team.

The former player of Aris spoke to the newly founded radio station Aris FM in Greece and he said that he doesn't want to play on loan from Real Madrid and that should he remain a free agent he would be very happy to return to Aris and Greece. Massey is very popular amongst the fans of Aris and his return is eagerly anticipated.

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